Welcome to the future of money. Welcome to Curve.

Managing money is STILL a headache. It’s not just about your bank having an app, or paying with your phone. Ultimately, what we all want is to be smarter with money. Making the right choices on which accounts to use, how much you can spend, when to spend it, how to save it…

It shouldn’t be a part-time job simply figuring out these answers. With so much financial choice on offer – old banks, digital banks, credit cards, loyalty schemes and more – it’s become impossible to manage and make the most of our money.

We’ve set out to solve this - not by building a better bank - but by building a single platform that connects you to your money.

Life at Curve

Curve team

What we’re building next…

We are building a truly connected platform to integrate all your money into a single dashboard to give you peace of mind, the best value, and total control of your financial world.

We’re building some exciting things that have never been seen before. We can’t wait to share them with you.