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Curve is on a mission to build a simpler, smarter, connected world of money. Thousands of customers now spend from all their accounts with one Curve card, and manage their money in one secure mobile app.

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What is Curve?

In an increasingly connected world, money is still a mess. People can now access and manage aspects of their life through smart platforms that put everything in one place - from transport and shopping to education and entertainment. Money has lost touch.

Curve solves the problem, by letting businesses spend from all their accounts with just one Curve card - and manage their financial life through one smart, secure mobile app. It simplifies their business spending, and helps them get smarter with money through a number of built-in features.

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  • - Curve was founded in London, in 2015
  • - Curve launched its card to Beta business users in 2016
  • - More than 80,000 customers have signed up for Curve during Beta
  • - Curve users have spent more than £70million in over 100 countries

How does it work?

New users download the Curve app, order their card, take photos of their existing debit and credit cards, and then spend from all their accounts with one Curve Mastercard.

The Curve card works just like a normal bank card, anywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard - with contactless, chip & pin and magstripe.

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Key features of Curve include:

  • - All in one place: Seeing all your spending, across all your cards, in one place.
  • - Safer spending: Instant spend notifications, lock/unlock your lost card in the app, and unlike other cards, Curve never exposes your personal details during transactions.
  • - Saving abroad: Avoid hidden fees, and spend abroad with Curve’s low 1% FX fee - even when you spend through your regular debit and credit cards.
  • - Effortless expenses: Connect all your cards to Xero accounting software through Curve, and completely automate the job of managing business expenses.
  • - Time travel: Curve’s world-first, patent pending ‘Go Back in Time’ feature allows you to switch the card you pay with, up to two weeks after a purchase.

Who is Curve’s founder?

  • Shachar Bialick is the founder and CEO of Curve.

    Originally from Israel, he is a serial entrepreneur passionate about using technology to solve problems and improve people's lives. He founded Curve, his first UK business, after selling his fourth company and studying for an MBA at INSEAD business school. Business Insider recently named Shachar one of the ‘coolest people in fintech’.

    If you would like to interview Shachar or one of the Curve team, please contact: press@imaginecurve.com

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Who are Curve’s investors?

As it stands, Curve has raised $13million from a group of world-renowned entrepreneurs, advisors and investors.

The company closed a $10million Series A funding round in July 2017, with new investors including Santander InnoVentures, Investec, Oxford Capital and Breega Capital. Other Curve investors include Speedinvest, Seedcamp, Connect Ventures, Taavet Hinrikus (TransferWise CEO & co-founder) and Ed Wray (Betfair co-founder).

Read our blog post to find out more about Seedcamp, one of Curve’s early investors.