Convenience and control for entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners. Curve means you’ll always have the right cards on you, worldwide.


Curve is similar to mobile payments, but Curve has no £30 transaction limit and is accepted everywhere MasterCard® cards are – Curve is Chip & PIN, contactless and good old magstripe.

Simply connect all your existing cards
to Curve with a couple of taps,
then use a single card to
pay everywhere.

Save money with our super low exchange rates abroad. Cut your bank’s charges. Connect cards in other currencies with a couple of taps. See every transaction in both home and foreign currency for peace of mind.

Running a business out of personal and work
accounts can mean you miss expenses.
Label them from your app with a tap,
attach receipts, search and export them later.

Curve is just like a normal payment card. How does it work the magic? Curve is a MasterCard card which combines all your cards into one and pays from your other cards.

Get a simple clear view of your business spending now.






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