Curve Blue – brushed metal finish

Curve Black – brushed metal finish

Curve is a MasterCard® prepaid card. It looks and feels like a normal bank card and is accepted everywhere MasterCard cards are – but Curve is so much more…


Add as many cards as you like. The Curve card and app supports an unlimited number of cards.

International use

Banks often charge hidden fees and use inflated exchange rates for you to use your cards abroad.

We cut your existing credit and debit cards charge to an on-average equivalent of the wholesale exchange rate plus 1% as our exchange rate – one of the cheapest on the market.

Upload your cards in these currencies and pay no fees when you use them in their currency region: CNY, JPY, HKD, NZD, SEK, ZAR, NOK, GBP, BRL, CAD, ILS, CHF, SGD, INR, EUR, RUB, AUD, USD.

If you connect a foreign currency bank card to Curve (and that card is issued in a supported currency on Curve), you pay no foreign exchange rate fees or costs to use Curve in that currency region –  it’s as if you were using the original card in that region. You’ll still have access to all the benefits of tagging, searching through, and getting email receipts for those transactions on the go.

Do be aware of ATM charges when you’re not in your home country though – we get charged them and have to pass them on to you.


Using Curve means that your original card numbers are never revealed to the merchant, providing an additional layer of security.

Curve is a MasterCard card, bringing with it trusted bank-level encryption and worldwide recognition.


The Curve Rewards card is a virtual card in the Curve app, allowing you to collect Reward Points which can be spent everywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Shop with your Curve card at selected UK retailers to earn some of your spend back as Curve Rewards – up to 2.5% for Curve Blue users, and up to 5% for Curve Black users.

Selected retailers today include House of Fraser, Boots and more.

You can also earn Curve Rewards points by referring users to Curve – you’ll get 500 points (worth £5) per referral once they’ve started using their Curve card.


Curve is accepted everywhere MasterCard® is accepted, worldwide, and works with:


Curve works just like any other bank card – you withdraw cash from millions of ATMs, worldwide. To find an ATM near you, use MasterCard’s ATM locator.

Chip & PIN

The Curve card features Chip & PIN as standard for additional security. The chip/ EMV added layer of security produces a single-use code to validate the transaction – further protecting your cards from unauthorised use.


Curve makes all your cards contactless – whether your original bank card is or not. Use it with all contactless terminals that accept MasterCard, worldwide.


We’ve got lots of time for older ways to pay, too – we fully support magnetic swipe payments. We’re the best of all worlds.

Our Providers

Curve is compatible with all other innovative finance providers including…

…and we are working to collaborate with others!

Supported Devices

Curve is currently available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Download today using the links below:

Lifespan and Warranty

Curve requires no batteries. We’ll ship you a new one for free after 3 years.

In the box

You’ll find your Curve card and set-up instructions – only 3 simple steps.


Curve Card





 One time cost. No hidden fees.











Domestic ATM withdrawals


International ATM withdrawals


Currency conversion fees


Foreign exchange rate

On-average equivalent to wholesale
exchange rate +1%

Our research shows that the average user can hope to save about £60 a year using Curve.

We’re proud to help you avoid fees that your bank might have charged to use your existing cards directly.






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