Spend Insights

With Curve you can always see how much you are spending across all your cards, split into categories. You’ll never have to wonder where your money goes again...

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Labelling you spend

Curve labels your spend into 12 Categories, everything from dining out, to groceries and your tube travel. You can check some of the examples below, at a glance.

Shopping smart

Trying to stay in control of your spend and want to see a specific view? With our filters you can break it down, however you like.

  • Leave yourself more detail
    Write yourself a note or keep a picture of your receipt on the app. Click on any purchase in your timeline to add.
  • See how much you spent on a big occasion
    Just apply a spend filter and you can select a time period and see spend just on those days.
  • See how much your family holiday cost
    You can also filter your spend by multiple categories and see just how much you spent on luxury vs. essentials.
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Go back in time

  • With Curve you can “Go Back in Time” and move a purchase from one card to another, meaning if you were trying to be smart with your cards and slip up (we all do it), you’re covered. All you need to do is tap on the purchase and which card you’d like to move it to.

Curve smartphone Curve go back in time