Travelling with Curve

With Curve you can travel securely, at a low exchange rate and with one card, instead of a giant travel wallet.

Travel with curve

Different ways to pay abroad

Instant view of spend and exchange rate

If you have spend notifications switched on, for each purchase you’ll be notified how much you spent in your primary currency and in the currency you converted to with Curve. To turn on notifications follow the below steps.

  • 1) Tap the “Wallet” in your app navigation panel.
  • 2) Tap on the top left hand corner and select “Settings”.
  • 3) Toggle on “Send notifications” and you’re all set to receive an update every time you spend. You can toggle this “off” at anytime.
Curve transaction cell

Save money when you spend abroad with Curve

Banks can charge you up to 5% on purchases abroad, including the rate they offer and additional fees on top. At Curve, we take the real market rate and add 1% with no hidden fees. This saves you up to 4% whenever you spend abroad, with no nasty surprises in your bank statement.

Avoid hidden currency fees and nasty surprises in your bank statement. Curve saves you 2% to 4% whenever you spend abroad.

Frequently asked questions

Curve uses a super-low currency exchange rate which is, on average, equivalent to the wholesale rate +1%.

Please note that there is a £2 flat fee to withdraw cash from an ATM in a non-domestic currency.

Each time you use Curve to make a purchase or cash withdrawal in a different currency to your underlying bank account (that you have selected in the Curve app), we provide the currency exchange for you. We charge a super low 1% foreign exchange fee on top.

Indicative savings on foreign exchange purchases are calculated based on the total amount paid in GBP. Savings are based on a comparison of the average cost of making either a foreign exchange transaction or cash withdrawal abroad using your Curve Mastercard® vs. using a debit or credit card from any one of the top six debit/ credit providers in the UK to make that same purchase.

If the deposit is more than £150, yes.

Curve will automatically assume that charges from hotels or car rental agencies over £150 are deposits. We treat these transactions differently to all others, putting a hold on payment capture, so Curve effectively acts like a credit card would.

However, Curve cannot distinguish between deposit pre-authorisations and normal transactions, so for amounts below £150, Curve will always process the transaction, much like if you paid on a debit card.

You make purchases in every currency with Curve. However, Curve can only charge your underlying cards in one of the following currencies: currencies

Whenever you make a purchase with your Curve Mastercard®, in a different currency to the one your bank card is set to in the app, we provide the currency exchange (FX) for you. We charge on average a low 1% FX on top of the wholesale exchange rate.

Example (£1 = €1.10); if you spend €110 with Curve and your underlying card is not EUR, you will be charged £100 + 1%, taking the total to £101.

If you spend abroad using the Curve Mastercard® in a country that has the same currency as your underlying bank card, you will not be charged any fees (subject to Fair Use).

Example; if you’re spending in USD and have a USD bank card added to your Curve Mastercard®, when you pay $100 you will only be charged $100.

There is a £2 flat fee for each cash withdrawal in a non-domestic currency. There are no other fees and a super-low conversion rate (an on-average equivalent to the wholesale rate plus 1%) is used.

For cash withdrawals abroad, we charge an additional £2 flat fee (subject to Fair Use).

Example (£1 = €1.10); if you withdraw €110 with Curve and your underlying card is not EUR, you will be charged £101 + £2, taking the total to £103.

You don't need to tell us you are going abroad. However, we do recommend travelling with a backup card in case your Curve Mastercard® is lost, blocked, or in the unlikely case that Mastercard® isn’t accepted.